Protecting Your Windows

Windows are often a lot easier way for intruders to enter your house than a door, so it is important to ensure that they are secure. How much security you need depends upon a number of factors. Ground flooring windows are much more vulnerable than those on other floors. Second you might want to take into consideration the quantity of crime in your area.

However, even “good neighbourhoods” experience their share of crime, so you should not think that makes you entirely safe. Finally, consider the possibility that someone will hear if someone attempts to break your window. If you reside in a fairly inhabited area, it will be hard for someone to break through your window and gain entrance without somebody seeing. Those who reside in rural areas where nobody is nearby are the most at risk of somebody breaking in through their window because nobody will hear or see anything.

We make protecting your windows extremely easy by making them to be extremely tough to break into. Our windows feature a security receiver with inset screws connected to the tough part of the frame. This makes it very difficult to break open the window. Our windows are also strengthened with additional strong security angles. This makes it exceptionally tough to pull the sash out of the frame. They also have solid bolts and a security sealant is applied to the glass to make it much more tough to break.

Those who desire an additional layer of security can choose laminated glass, which is very strong and would take a long time to break through. These windows meet protected by design standards and have actually been tested utilising common break-in methods.

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