Ways to Relieve Stress

Today’s lifestyle keeps most of us at high-speed, heavily caffeinated, sleepless creatures with too much to do and not enough time. However, this is not how the human body is meant to work! The end result is: high stress levels, frustration, lack of sleep & weight gain (or loss).

There’s many ways to make sure stress doesn’t get the best of you and that’s what I’ll share with you today.

Find an activity that truly relaxes you but that has no end-goal or requires energy, effort and, preparation from you. For example, if you havea TV series you like to watch, that’s one hour that you can have to sit back and relax. Other activities could be taking a bubble bath, watching sunsets, talking with a friend over the phone or simply sitting down to meditate for a few minutes.

Plan Me-Time and Vacation Days. You might only be able to do these once every two weeks or once a month but you should try to identify days in your calendar where you can let go, put a pause on your daily life and do something you want to do. Do something that allows you to disconnect. Make sure that you don’t have big or important commitments the day after so that you can truly relax. On that day, go to the movies, to the beach, a mall, a museum, see a play or go someplace you’ve wanted to visit for a long time.

Learn to let go! Sometimes we get stressed out for things that make absolutely no sense to be stressed about. Learn to notice when you’re getting stressed out for things that don’t matter or that aren’t worth the energy and the stress.

Stay organized always. If you stay organized at all times you are less likely to have situations or scenarios that will make you stressful. The best way to feel at ease about all your responsibilities and commitments is to stay on top of everything by keeping a schedule of it all.