Tips for Successful Meditation (for Beginners)

Meditation is an amazing way to release stress from your daily life and connect with yourself and your needs. However, it can be a bit daunting (and, ironically, stressful) if you’re a beginner. Meditation promises many benefits for those who practice it regularly and many times the expectation of these great benefits can cause beginners to get anxious about whether or not they’ll succeed. Hopefully, these tips for successful meditation will ease the nervousness during your first few attempts at meditation.

  • Search for Silence: there’s many methods of meditation and not all of them involve silence, but it’s important that you find a spot in your house, office or wherever in which you’re sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone or any outside noise. You can also try to join a meditation group where it’s more likely that you won’t be disturbed while you meditate.
  • Don’t react just Acknowledge: it’s expected that during your first meditation sessions a million thoughts will come to your head, but never react to any of them.
  •  Time: the first time you sit down to meditate, you might feel that those five or ten minutes you were meditating felt like a lifetime. This is why you should start off with maybe 2-5 minutes, and increase the time as you see fit. You might even perpetually stay meditating for 5 minutes daily.
  •  Comfort: look for a position that is comfortable, but not so much that it would make you fall asleep. Your comfort is important so that you don’t get distracted by any body parts hurting, but it’s also important that you don’t get so comfortable that you doze off!
  •  Variety: as mentioned before, there are many types of meditation methods, make sure you try a different type once you’ve mastered one. You might find that not all methods give the same results or are as effective for you.
  • Lower your Expectations: if you expect some big revelation after each meditation session, you will be heavily disappointed. However, if you have no expectations, the long-term results of your practice will sneak up on you and surprise you. Don’t meditate expecting immediate results.

Remember that practice makes perfect. At first you might not even be able to understand what you’re doing, but with time and repetition, you will improve and find out what suits you best.

And clear your junk in your mind.

Be patient and experiment with your senses!