Meditation for Hyperactive Children


Do you have a hyperactive or hypersensitive child that never seems to be at ease no matter what you do? Modern technology today has brought us many advances and improved daily life greatly, but it has also been proven that it overstimulates children. Add to that a passive lifestyle and not the best choice in foods and you have anxious, hyperactive and irritable children up to no good every day. You might find that even by improving your kid’s diet and daily activity they still have more energy than what they can handle. Meditation equips these kids with the tools they need to find peace, focus better in school and control their urges from an early stage in life.

Practicing meditation with your children is also great way to spend quality time with them and stablish a bond strengthened by communication and spiritual connection. Not to mention most kids’ anxiety tend to present improvements once they spend more time with their parents doing activities they both enjoy.

At first, it might be hard for your child to stand or sit still while you both meditate which is why it’scrucial that you only start with very short periods of time and ask them to focus on only one thing at a time.Breathing meditation is a very easy way to start, so begin by asking them to focus on their breathing and how their chest expands when they inhale and contracts when exhaling.

You can also play their favorite song and ask them to focus on the lyrics and the message of the song. Another great type of meditation to use is guided meditation by giving your kids instructions of what to imagine in their minds as you talk. The benefit of guided meditation is that it helps your kid focus on specific things rather than asking them to focus on something on their own.

Don’t tell them if they’re doing something wrong or right, as it might discourage them quickly. If your child moves too much at first, don’t worry, as they learn to quiet their mind and reach peaceful states of mind, they will modify their positions and behavior while they meditate. Encourage your child to try different ways and remain interested in the activity by setting a role model and meditating often with them and/or by yourself. With time, your child’s irritability will become less and easier to handle.

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