Types of Meditation You Can do at Home


If you’ve heard about meditation before you might be thinking of a group of bald-headed monks sitting inside a temple deep within a mountain in Asia. Other images that come to mind is sitting ona yoga mat in the garden of your dreams or perhaps below a big, blossoming tree while facing a sunset. Well, yes, many people do meditate to these beautiful scenes, but the reality is that meditation is not limited to these scenarios. You can meditate in the comfort of your very own home just as easily and effectively!

You can meditate while doing your house chores: it’s quite simple, instead of letting your mind drift off to think about the mundanities of everyday life, focus on the task you’re doing. If you’re listening to music while you clean or work, focus on how the rhythm of the songs affect your movements. How the surfaces you’re touching feel, the temperature of the rooms, the movements of your body and the smells of the detergents you use or areas you cleaning.

 While Working Out, Meditation can help you focus:many people actually have trouble working out for longer periods of time because their thoughts overwhelm them and they become desperate to finish. Many listen to music and are able to distract themselves by singing. You might also want to try focusing on the body parts you’re using while you work out. Think of how they move, what you wish them to look like in the long run, the goal you’re trying to accomplish by working out, imagine the movement of the muscles underneath your skin and focus on what you’re feeling. If you’re using a machine or any type of accessory think of how the surfaces of these objects feel, notice how the temperature of your body rises and your sweat.

Listen to Music: listening to music is one of the easiest methods to try at home. Pick your favorite song or album and listen to it carefully, think about the lyrics and what they mean, the images the song brings to your mind. Think about how listening to this song makes you feel emotionally or even imagine yourself singing the song somewhere.

As you can see, meditation can be achieved by many ways and it doesn’t always require that you stand still in the same spot. Feel free to try these methods and find one that best works for you!

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