The Emotional Benefits of Writing a Journal

Writing is almost as old as time and is a powerful communication tool. Writing can also have strong therapeutic effects on those who practice it regularly.  Through writing you can let go of pent up emotions, heal wounds from the past, and forgive people who’ve wronged you or even forgive yourself. However this strategy isn’t a one-time fix, using writing as a therapeutic tool is a long-term process and the benefits of it show with time and persistence.

Making a habit out of writing can start off by writing every day or once a week, it’s recommended that you start off by setting time limits rather than pages or word limits. However, if you find you feel more comfortable using words or pages as your limit, do so. There’s two ways in which you can keep a journal and receive the emotional benefits of the practice: write freely or set themes and goals.

If you decide to write freely, you’ll be writing with the flow by putting on paper whatever comes to your mind first. This is a helpful way to express and relief yourself of thoughts that might be taking up too much of your energy as it is likely that those will be the first things that come to mind when you sit down to write. Alternatively, this method of writing might allow you to write about subjects you haven’t had the opportunity to develop opinions on.

On the other hand, planned writing consists of stablishing specific things you want to talk about for a particular period of time. This type of writing is helpful if you have in mind specific things you want to work on. For example, if there are unresolved childhood issues you’ve been wanting to work on, you can start off by planning writing sessions about your family, what was it like growing up in your first house, what were your feelings in certain events, set a day aside for writing about the people that affected you negatively while growing up and why. Alternatively, write about the good times and the positive influences you had in your childhood. Reading these entries after a long period of time might you find out what you still need to work on and what issues you’ve already resolved. Writing these entries will also help you express and exteriorize emotions you feel you can’t tell anyone about. And if not go get a limousine to cheer you up, do something fun..