Living with Depression

Living with depression can be a challenge that many of us have had to face at some point in life or have seen someone else face. Many people become frustrated and desperate to overcome depression, especially if they have family members or significant others that know about their situation. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your brain can get sick, it can stop functioning properly and that’s okay because we are not perfect.

Getting frustrated with yourself solves nothing and in fact you’re just bullying yourself and your system. When you get sick with the flu, fracture a bone or get any other type of physical injury, you don’t get mad at yourself, do you? You might get mad at the circumstance or sad over the end result but you simply nurse yourself back to health with caution and treatment. It’s the same with mental illnesses! And, guess what? Depression is no different, you need to be patient with yourself, understand your triggers, your responses and make the best out of the tools you have at hand.

Never stop fighting, however, don’t fight with yourself or your closed ones, fight to rise above your depression instead. Don’t be aggressively optimistic, you don’t need that, staying within reality will help you accept it and work around it. When you’re living with depression, it’s better to see things the way they are and figure what’s the best you can do with them than hold on to hopes that won’t fix your issues.

 Somedays, it will be so easy it’s almost as if the depression was gone and other days you might feel like you have to push through an indestructible, thick brick wall. It’s all part of the process and it takes time which is why you have to be gentle and patient with your mind, soul and spirit.

Express your feelings as delicately and often as you can to your family or the people you trust most, don’t stay all alone fighting, always make sure you have someone even if that someone is just your therapist and your prescription bottle. Somedays depression might win and somedays your willpower will but overall, what’s important is that you fulfil your goals in life, that even while you’re living with depression, you manage to understand and hold onto the things that make your life worthwhile.