Loving Your Body

Self-image and body insecurities are one of the main reasons for low self-esteem and that’s because our exterior is exposed to the world. In turn, that exposes to the opinions that others might have of you. Whether you asked for those opinions or not doesn’t matter, they’re there, ready to be heard and sadly, believed. The issue is that others idea of what you look like shouldn’t set the tone for how you feel and think of yourself. Never let others’ opinions be the reason that you dislike your body image or begin to hate yourself.

It is completely okay to dislike certain aspects of your physique. Some people don’t like the way their nose looks or the color of hair they were born with and that’s fine. What’s not okay is to dislike your body parts or traits because someone else dislikes them too and moreover to begin to hate yourself based on the physical aspects that you don’t like.

You also need to love your surroundings, this helps you to love your body, feeling comfortable in your own skin and your outer skin (your home) is key too, so keep it free from clutter and peaceful. No junk, bad smells or pests.

If you’re struggling with your self-image and loving your body gets harder every day, here are some tips for you:

Look in the mirror: avoiding mirrors will only accentuate your insecurities about yourself. Do all sorts of silly things you want to do, let loose in front of the mirror in other words, let loose with yourself. Look at your body and be grateful that you have it, that it holds your soul, your mind, your beautiful self.

Try make-overs: many might think this is a superficial way to handle a real issue but the reality is that, as long as you’re doing this for yourself, you deserve it and you have the right to dress and style yourself however you want. Some people feel fresh and empowered with make-up on and others just need the right pair of shoes to feel secure.

Accept what you can’t change and change what you can: If, for example, the issue with your self-image is your weight or the type of friends you hang around with, these are things that can be changed. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise will help shed those pounds off and if your friends affect your self-image negatively, consider talking to them about it or distancing yourself from them.

Learn to see your body as a reflection of your soul and the beauty within you.