Tilt and Turn Window Features

A tilt and turn window has a tilt function as well as a turn function. You can tilt it inward for ventilation, and open it inward when it’s time to clean them. Our tilt and turn window is readily available in the stylish and award winning low energy range.

It has a stylish and elegant frame and seal, with a slim profile. The large pane area enables lots of sunlight in, which produces totally free solar heat, and gives you a stunning view. They likewise come standard with 3 panes, giving you maximum energy savings in a gorgeous modern profile. The deal with remains in the middle of the side frame, which contributes to the windows beauty. These stunning windows are the ideal option for structures with numerous stories, because they allow for simple cleansing.

These windows have a contemporary design, and they are made with our durable and low maintenance alu attired product. You can select various colours for the inside and outside. You likewise have the choice to select a single frame window, a double frame, or a single frame and repaired light.

Our click vent enables simple ventilation, and our child lock function doesn’t permit the window to open extremely far while the kid lock is engaged. To open the window further, simply disengage the child lock. This is essential for families with children. Other alternatives include magnetic switches, and bottom groove. You can also select our Solar, Sound, or Decor specialised panes to further meet your specific requirements.

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