How to deal with a smashed window

Windows let light and air into our homes. They frame our views and are essential to bring life to any home. However, due to their fragile nature they can be easily broken by intruders or even accidents. Broken windows are messy and dangerous. Not only can broken glass be a hazard to your family. But a broken window is also a security breach to your home. Broken windows need to be dealt with as soon as possible. As efficiently as possible. From calling in your local glazier to dealing with the mess, here are some steps to take when dealing with a smashed window.

Make some calls

It may sound odd to be making phone calls when our first instincts are to clean up any broken glass. However, there is more than one reason calls need to be made. Depending on how your window was broken you made need to contact the police. If this was a break-in or an attempted one, if it was vandalism, you should report it as soon as possible. The police may even need to assess the scene. The next call you should make is to your insurance company. You need to do this before cleaning anything up. This is because they will need to inspect the scene in order to properly process your claim. Depending on the cause of damage and your level of coverage, your insurers may cover the cost of repair in whole or in part. Then the call to your local glazier needs to be made. Some companies provide 24/7 emergency glazier services. This is great as you don’t have to wait to get your window fixed. There is no time spent stressing about how to cover up the unsecured area.

Clean up the area

Scan the area and determine how far the shards of glass are scattered. Next mark off the danger area or inform your family to steer clear from the area. When cleaning this area you should wear closed, thick soled shoes and protective gloves. Make sure your forearms and legs are well covered. Once you’re fully protected you can begin the cleaning process. If you have tiling or hardwood floors, the cleaning process will be a lot easier. A thorough sweep and a slow careful vacuum should do the trick. Use the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner. If you have carpeting it can be more complicated. The best thing to do is remove as much glass shards as you can by hand. Then use a small brush to lose any stuck bits. Then vacuum the entire area with the brush attachment. You can even do this twice for max effect. After this you can use tape to gather up any tiny shards that may be left behind. You should also remember to check behind or on top of your furnishings. There may be glass in places other than the floor so be sure to check everywhere.

Secure the opening

If for any reason your local glazier cannot immediately come fix your window then you need to do something. This is to protect your home from intruders, the elements and any other things your home is now exposed to. If the window is still intact but cracked then you can hold the glass in place with either some packing tape of duct tape. If there is broken glass however , you’re going to need to patch the hole. While still wearing your protective gear, try remove any loose glass still in the window frame. If there are large protruding shards you’ll need to break them off carefully. Once you have done this you’re free to patch over the hole with a thick tarp or a thick bin bag. You can do this with tape or you can even use a staple gun. If your entire window is gone then you’ll need a better solution. Using a sheet of plywood at least two  size of the window will do. Get some help. You’re going to need somebody to hold the board in place while you nail it to the frame. Or visa versa.

A broken window is definitely an unpleasant situation that needs to be handled correctly. It is imperative that things get dealt with quickly. This is insure the safety of everyone in your home. And the faster it is dealt with the less you’ll have to stress about. Try find the closest emergency glazier to you, who’ll be able to assist you right away. Keep the area cordoned off to protect everyone in your home. If you take all the right precautions this situation can end on a better note.





Retirement can be both a scary and exciting thing, depending on how you look at it. People anticipate happy retirement, but often neglect the difficulties that come with it. Most people know the best way to ensure a happy retirement is through proper planning. Sadly few people do what is actually necessary. Retirees have to plan ahead to make light the burdens of retirement. The hope that life will get easier comes to fulfillment only when you have done what is necessary to avoid the major headaches that tend to plague the unprepared. Retirees generally have to face problems also in the aspects of medical and social well-being. Dealing with them ahead of time is essential. Now to ensure that your retirement is a happy and healthy one, here are some tips on how to make that happen.

  1. Save early

When you save early for your retirement, you find yourself in a good financial position when you actually retire. To save early, you have to figure out the budget you live on by following your monthly expenses for some time. This allows you to put away some money in your retirement savings by reducing spending. Invest 15-25% in stock market. You will see a high return rate. Also, if you feel that money is tighter than you like, you can defer your retirement. George Foreman said and I quote, “The question is not at what age I will retire; it’s actually at what income”. So therefore, review your expenditure, make a list of your financial assets that can generate future income so as to determine if you can retire, move your assets into cash, and make financial plans for living longer. These are important steps to take before considering retirement.

  1. Keep Healthy

A happy retirement means keeping fit and healthy. Keeping fit and healthy entails keeping on top of your diet and also importantly, exercise. These will help you keep the active and energetic feeling. It simply could be going out for strolls or attending gym classes. One important roadblock of a happy retirement is the medical reality that accompanies old age. Unfortunately as we grow old, our health degenerates more and more. Medical expenses must be considered when you determine your retirement needs. Therefore in order to plan for a happy retirement, one important thing to do is to invest in one’s health. Most people fail to do this. If you haven’t checked yourself in a while, give your doctor a call and make an appointment. Contact a dietary specialist to come up with a healthy diet plan. Do these and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel and how much money you will save.

  1. Participate in social activities and stay active

You may be close to so many people while you are still working, and it could take a bit of time to adapt to not seeing those faces again every now and then. It’s a very good thing to remain sociable and associate with people through retirement. You can easily join different activities to allow you to remain sociable. You can take part in short-term projects for organizations that contact you. Also, you can make a list of things you have thought of doing in the past and work your way through it. Researching online to see what activities your community is offering and you know you’ll love to do also keeps you sociable.

  1. Plan a holiday

Another fantastic way to celebrate your retirement is to plan a holiday to that special place you’ve always read or heard about. You can do some travelling about or even staying in the UK will be worth your while. Take time to discover new locations you’ve always wanted to visit.

Not all retirement dreams come true. So many factors tend to come in the way of a perfect and happy retirement, like money to repair the house, there might be some health issues, and all the money might be coming out of your retirement savings. Having more than one retirement plan can help in this kind of situation. Follow these steps and your retirement is secured.