Last Christmas – window problems

Last Christmas we had all the family round for Christmas dinner, so a bit stressful for all concerned. It was going great, lovely family atmosphere, which makes a change for our family…:-) Everyone was eating and drinking and all was good. Guess you know where this is going?

Presents opened, not too many sad faces, so good so far. But it was windy and snowing, so rather cosy indoors and Christmassy, I think that is a word, spell checker didn’t tell me off.

So picture the scene, everybody had a comfy seat and watching television, I can’t remember what was on, but full tummies and smiling faces. Then we heard a very loud crash and a large branch above our glass kitchen ceiling that was laden with snow came crashing down and broke the double glazed window, the window was very strong, so it didn’t come crashing through but did break the glass and snow was coming in.

So that put paid to the lovely Christmas scene in the living room.

I managed to get a ladder and patch the hole in the broken double glazed window to make it weather proof with some duck tape and a plastic sheet. OK great so what do we do with a broken window on Christmas day?

I googled “local emergency glazier” and found our local emergency window specialist and called them, half thinking it would have to wait a few days, but hey they said no problem, they had a few call outs of he same nature but could be with us within the hour. Which was amazing and true to their word our fantastic local glazier turned up was offered lots to eat and he replaced the double glazed pane of glass, quicker than I thought.

He was cheered for his great job and we even managed to find him a present from under the tree.

The moral of the story is, thank goodness for local services and log may there be local tradesmen who support the local community. We need local glaziers among other emergency services.